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Dakademy is a unique project that operates as a master’s program for musicians who are interested in honing their technical and stylistic abilities.

It is aimed at performers from all over the world who have completed, or are close to finishing, their higher education. It offers a program that gives musicians the tools to succeed in the world of classical performance.


The Benelux Orchestra will be an internationally operating ensemble that will play host and provide training to dedicated young classical musicians from higher music education institutions from the Benelux region.

The project will create an ensemble trained to perform for non-traditional audiences, with a special focus on children and marginalized groups that have limited or no access to cultural activities.


The DakApp Foundation will create an international competition (the first streaming music competition ever created) so that every musician in the world will be able to participate from their own country.

The final of the competition will be held every year in a different city around the world, with a different orchestra and conductor each time.


The DakApp Foundation will inform, promote, share and give access to up-and-coming and relevant artists, products and events all around the world through a DakApp Magazine that will be released every year.

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